time to update the decor inyour home? next up, we'll seehow the south dakota furniture mart hassomething for every room ofyour home. stay tuned. hi heather. hi. how are youdoing? i'm good. how are you?good. good. we're here at the south dakotafurniture mart. we're going totake a look around the whole store injust a bit. first of all, tellme what kind of products you have here. we havea wide variety of products forevery room in your home, and we have avery talented sales staff thatwill help you find exactly what you're looking forat an affordable price. we'restanding in the dining room area of the store.what are some of the thingsthat you're seeing

in trends with dining roomfurniture? well, we're seeing alot of the counter height tables as a big trendright now. they are so nicebecause they are so easy to get in and out of, butyet they fit a lot of peoplearound the table. which, you know, so if you wantto socialize and really have agood time but don't have a lot of space, theyare a great addition to yourkitchen or dining room. and beyond the diningroom tables, you also have aselection of bar stools. tell me about that. wedo. we have one of the biggestselections of bar stools in town and everybar stool that we carry comesin both the bar height and the counter height,so we do have a lot to choosefrom and

there's custom options you have options forboth the kitchen area or, if somebody has a barset-up in their lower levelmedia room. yeah, whether it's going intoan entertainment room, a bar oryour kitchen, we have everything.well, thishas been a great look at thedining room area. let's go check out some itemsfor the living room.soundsgreat. heather, now we're going totalk about the living room, andyou have so many different options here. how dopeople get started when theycome in the store?well, we kind of qualifythem and really get to knowwhat they're going to be using the furniturefor and, are they entertainingor is it going

to be something they're layingon or lounging on, really getthe feel of what the client wants in, everybody isfamiliar with la-z-boy and you actually have a studio areafor just la-z-boy. we do. weare so excited. we recently, this past spring,opened up our la-z-boy galleryand we have unlimited options forcustomizing, whether it's yoursofa, accent chairs, sectionals, you name it. wehave it from la-z-boy. well, ofcourse, this is furniture for the living room.also, you have some items for ahome theater area? we do. home theater hasreally taken off and we have avery, very big selection of home theater, alsofitting the needs of everybodywith the

custom options. well, let'stake a look at some southdakota furniture mart products in actual homes. great. in this living room, southdakota furniture mart createdan earth tone to bring focus to the existingstone fireplace centerpiece,while these bold chairs add a third dimension tothis modern kitchen diningarea. in this home, the soft furniture draws you into compliment the sharparchitecture. the balance between the dark brownand cream colors addsophistication without compromising modernaccent pieces. now, we're talking aboutbedroom furniture and you havea lot of different

sets to choose from. we do. wehave a wide variety and a greatselection at every price point. one of thethings that you are noticing infurniture for the bedroom is storage. tell meabout that.absolutely. we havea large selection of platform beds. that's kindof the latest in the bedding.and what they do is they offer, usually, a draweror a set of drawers underneaththe bed so you can eliminate your dressers oryour chest of drawers and haveall the storage that you need for you really haveoptions for somebody with a small space.wedo, yep, for rooms of allsizes. we have everything. and you haveeverything from a starter setall the way up to an

heirloom set. we do. we haveeverything from yourheirloom-type quality, which is going to be your solidoaks or solid woods, to thestarter furniture, which will get youeverything you need at a greatprice. and in addition to the bedroomfurniture, you have furniturefor a home office. we do. we have a wide selectionof home office furniture, allthe way from commercial grade for yourbusiness or if you just want tofreshen up that office in your home. we've goteverything from bookcases todesks to storage, office chairs. we havea great selection of that. heather, what should peopleremember about the south dakotafurniture mart?

what i want people to rememberabout south dakota furnituremart is that we have a wide variety of productsfor your home and we haveeverything to make your home beautiful, from thedining room to the living room,bedroom to mattresses. we have somethingfor everybody at an affordableprice point and we have a very talentedsales staff that would love tohelp you. so, come on in and check it out.excellent. thanks for joiningus. thank you. for more information aboutsouth dakota furniture mart,stop by their

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