it has taken the boeing 737 out of service and figured out what is going on. people sharing this video all over social media. twin boys are playing together when they start to climb on the dresser. the heavy piece of furniture

falls over, one of the boys gets trapped underneath. his brother does everything he can, lifting it and pushing it just enough for his brother to break free. the parents are hoping to who what happening. rob biowens is in a hardware

store that sells supplies to make homes safer. if you are in a hurry, maybe only have one dresser or piece of furniture to secure, we found these prepackaged kits. with a little know how, with you make your own. john james at the ace

hardware in richardson fields lots of questions about swing set construction. video of a dresser tipping over twin toddlers alerts many around the world with the boys safe and the dresser secured -- we bolted it to the wall. reporter: their parents are

encouraging others to do the same. we found pre5:00ageed. it attaches to the back of your furniture and straps together. it will allow the furniture to move a little bit, but it won't allow it to fall all the way

over. reporter: if you are a little handy, feed it through the cable, put it through the washer and boom, if you have a pair of pliers and phillips airscrew driver, you can knock this out in a minute matter of minutes, we'll help you put it

the couple buying priceless peace of mind. it makes you sleep better knowing you will not hear the big crash going from the boys bedroom. we talk a lot about dressers and things like that, tv's, anything heavy that can fall

over, they feed to be secured and staffers say they will be happy to help you figure out

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