good afternoon everyone today is monday october 30th joanday number right here in abe where are we erm i think we're at costco we're at costco shout out to john for constantly commenting on my vlogs about costco. we're finally here, dude. we're matching a: oh my god j: this is our costco uniform what, no man -dude, im super excited for ..... -okay let's go sup, it's been a while pigeon pigeon is that world famous abe cut his hair if you guys didn't know why did you cut your hair abe?

because of thor i'm not even kidding after he watched thor he came to my room, and he was like "noona, i'm cutting my hair" no, i said i have to cut my hair. i'm so handsome dude but you walk right in and they greet you with something magical aww jingle all the way, that's definitely not the song. is that the song? no it's not lets go this is the first time we came to this costco and that pillar's crusty as heck though j: we came for pumpkin pie, so hopefully they... a: actually i never buy appliances here. we just come here for food. j: yeah. we don't really

where's the food? aww this is cute a: no crock-pot j: oh my gosh abe um at my meet and greet in at the meet and greet and ddp one of my subscribers came up to me and she was like remember the pillow that abe hugged at emart and said was soft? a: the rams? -yeah yeah, she bought it whoever you are wow

you've made my life. i didn't even buy it. -he didn't buy it when she told me i i like i like was laughing so hard cuz i was like really---- can you comment down below like let me know who you are and tell me like rate it on a scale one through soft how soft is it and i'm gonna like like like it everyone should like that one, so i i feel satisfied sponsored by emart. dude we're in costco don't say that hey, i don't think they have food here, dude we're at costco they have food they have kangaroo food? hey, they have jo malone they have lime basil and mandarin. this is the one that taeyang-

should we get one. yeah dude! get one! doesn't it smell like taeyang? yeah, right yeah, this is the smell i whiffed when he hugged me. dude, this costco's lit. it's playing like edm. not like emart where they always play like childish stuff it's like oh like mary had a little lamb and over here the like yeah *abe dancing real hard

*another dance time all the costco's have an atm which is nice because you have to buy everything with cash unless you have like a specific card this might sound weird, but i want that dollhouse. -why? captain america in the tubs. spiderman gets the master bedroom or no, ironman gets the master bedroom dude everyone could be having a party here i don't know abe how do you feel about dc? no not at all. oh my gosh. oh my gosh

flashback to you. i'm gonna recreate your insta pic. you were like this you're like "oh, this is nice." and i was like "stay right there" might take a pic and you did now it's his turn abe loves really yeah, go bears abe really like soft things this one is not soft though. don't let the looks deceive you. candy x-men number one toad why? you really don't know what i'm talking bout no like x-men number one toad the villain, huh?

i always wanted to be toad when i was little. so i always begged mom like buy this for me. can i have you like oh? my gosh black pink vibes but i was toad abe's back. he's officially back do you like pretzles? -i do. -no, like the pretzel things yeah, sometimes i'm sorry my gosh. this is a sign out of all this no you need to try the hot ruffles. they're so good. a:no, i'm a classic man, i don't ask for much j:but this isn't classic it's milk's favorite cookie, but we're both lactose intolerant. a: i know, so you can eat it with almond milk

duh, or dip it in water. how does that sound? comment down below and let me know. wait- you're you're gonna i could finish this in like a day dude not a problem costco samples are the best what is this? *insert korean* anytime you like eat like this it's so bomb. but, when mom makes it. i'm not dissing you ma. it didn't taste like this this is my favorite type of samples like the big ones? like the big ones, right? i love the costco in korea because i love the samples. thank you abe what oh this like the best rap video like uh let me tell you about my chickens i've had the other day.

that stupid attack of the- let's get the young gari (dinosaur) chicken this was good last time all the time. yeah, yeah, korean dino nuggets? you're down? these absorbent pads are nice. we need to get again pumpkin pie. oh, yeah no, what is it? no i'm good. okay. i got to give it to you, mom makes it better yeah, mom makes good kimchi which marvel movie was 10 out of 10? a: civil war j: really? why?

a: because that's when it first introduced spider-man to us and it was super dark and super nice i wanted to cry no pumpkin pie? they might have it somewhere else right? i really- i'm really hoping can't we just buy it? let's do it this is so good you guys but abe, no pumpkin pie i want pecan pie

they don't have that either stop, stop what wait, wait, abe they have it oh my gosh. that's my face oh my god, i'm like so happy right now. let's get one two three four five six seven eight let's get eight. they went above and beyond this year

yeah, with the face don't give that a heart why? give me a heart ahaha ewww this is dinner for tonight i don't know, but it's not the kirkland one all right, put it in yeah

haul for my face here we are at the food court. we just have to wait for my pizza i just got a slice because my brother and i had a lot of samples how's it? yeah, really good. do you want me to cut it? mhm oh my gosh yess

steady hands are back, homie doctor steady hands? yeah abe looks so much better with shorter hair dodgers didn't win today no, i'm so p- okay, like winning like, okay if astros won like what, 5-0 you can't say much but we– are your hands pretty? ugh, so it's annoying

abe has prettier hands hands down oh yes look how happy it looks, about to be eaten dodgers still have a chance i know, we're gonna win it. call it right now. we're gonna win it i hope so got our stuff!

a: fun fact j: what? milk is very heavy no you're gonna have to take the station alright, that's fine we're gonna both go that way right? yeah. yeah, so abe is gonna go home and drop everything off i'm gonna go to times square because i'm gonna go for a skincare treatment today yay! wow and you're gonna relax i get a do manual labor is it that heavy? nah it's not that bad. oh ok

but the people at times square told me that anyone who wants to get their first treatment for skin, or nails like gel nails, gel nails you can get 50% off if you tell them that i sent you and for skincare treatment, you can get 30% off if you tell them i sent you so if you want to get gel nails or one of the treatments that i usually go in for for- a: for the joan face check out n olive. i'll link their information in the description box i'm trying to see if i want to end the vlog here or not just end it okay a: have a great day everyone

byeee here's a shout out for everybody that translating and transcribe all my stuff y'all know who you are, we keep it reall thank you so much for who you are. thank you for tuning in and i just wish that you all have an abetastic day bye~ my gosh like i- i found out it was heavy like a tenth of the way home, and i've been carrying all of that for about 20 minutes now

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