[intro music/title] bu accommodation: by students,for students. >> amber hamilton: hi guys, so today i'llbe showing you all of the accommodations and i thought that while we're here we might startwith my home, dorchester... so, if you want to follow me. [music] so i thought i'd just go over what i lovebest about dorchester. i love the fact that i can see the train stationfrom where i am. that's great for me because i love going homeat the weekends to see my family, and i use the trains quite a lot; so being so closeto the train station is really key for me.

also, the fact that i am so close to asdawhich, is where i do my weekly shop and we're also first on the bus route as well so, youare always guaranteed a place on the bus. and because we're the first stop this alsomeans that we are the last stop. and, our bus stop we don't have one on theother side so where you get on when you're going to uni is where you get off when youcome back. so next on our tour is lyme regis. right okay, so tell me about lyme regis, whydo you love it? i thought that while we're here we might startwith my home, dorchester... so, if you want to follow me.

so i thought i'd just go over what i lovebest about dorchester. i love the fact that i can see the train station from where i am.that's great for me because i love going home at the weekends to see my family, and i usethe trains quite a lot; so being so close to the train station is really key for me. and because we're the first stop this alsomeans that we are the last stop. and, our bus stop we don't have one on the other sideso where you get on when you're going to uni is where you get off when you come back. >> male speaker: it's really good, the roomsare decent sizes, there's a really nice common room, which has a pool table, there�s akitchen, tv and all that kind of stuff, my

flat mates are really nice and everyone elsein the building is really friendly. it's also great because it's really close to the localclubs and the town centre. and the bus to uni, is literally right outsidethe door, it's the best of both worlds really. [music]>> amber: on to the next one! [clicks] chesil house is above co-op, which is veryhandy! so, tell me what's your favourite thing about living in chesil? >> female speaker: co-op [laughter]. >> amber: it's literally co-op and that �5.00meal deal. female speaker: and everyone always goes that'sthe quiet one; it's not all that quiet. it

is quiet enough and you can get undisturbedsleep. amber: so, tell me a bit about the commonroom, noah. do you use it? female speaker: not really, no. amber: no? we have done. female speaker: yeah, we have. amber: yeah, we have. female speaker: yeah, we used the movie room,which is quite nice! amber: right, [claps hands] so that's us doneat chesil and on to the next one! [title: cranbourne house]

female speaker: i love that the bus stop isright outside and i can see from my window so if the queue is too long i can just avoidit. i might be late but i still avoid the queue! amber: you also get two buses, as we knowthe u1 runs about every 10 minutes and you also get the u4 as well which, runs less frequentbut... female speaker: it's still another bus! amber: on to the next one [clicks fingers]. [title: purbeck house] female speaker: well, it's fairly new becauseit's been refurbished recently which, is good,

makes it look nice. there's a ben and jerry'svending machine in the common room! i like the app, the maintenance app. so if somethinggoes wrong you just put it on there and it gets fixed really quickly. amber: you have a maintenance app?! female speaker: yeah, you can like, if somethingbreaks or something, you can put a picture of it on the app and gets fixed the next dayor the day after. >> benny: hi guys, its benny. so now thatamber has shown you some of the halls i'm going to tell you three other places thatyou can also live in. [title: corfe house]

so, the first one i'm going to show you guysis corfe house. so, it's also owned by the university and is located in poole and ithas a very nice communal area downstairs, by the reception. it also has its own laundryroom for tumble drying and as well as washing machines. but, because it's located in poole the roadscan get quite busy during office hours however, you should be uni! so, that isn't much ofa problem. it can be a bit noisy sometimes, especially on friday nights, but on the topside of it you're located right beside poole so, you can get access to your supermarketslike sainsbury's, aldi, there's also a train station so when you want to go and meet yourfamily it's really easy.

as well as that, you're right beside the busstation so, if you want to get the bus to university that�s not a problem. so, this is what it looks like on the comes with desk, shelves and a bed, so you don't need to worry about furniture. thenyou have your kitchen and a small spot to just share and relax. okay, so on to number two, is a unilet. so, these houses look very similar to housesthat you would rent outside; it provides a more homely feel. so, i'm going to show youwhat it looks like on the outside. generally, the unilets are located close to a high streetso, food won't be a problem and there are

some restaurants close by. there are a few bus stops, so you don't haveto worry about getting to university. generally speaking, the unilet will always be furtheraway from campus, so more towards the residential areas. but the good side of this is that itwill be quieter, it also has a beautiful garden and as you can see the rooms are very spacious. and lastly, number three, is the student village,the accommodation that i am currently staying at. and it's pretty much just a 5 minute walkfrom talbot campus. the rooms are pretty spacious and there aretwo types of houses here, ones for 7 house mates and the other is for 4. it is definitelyno bigger than corfe house you have a bigger

living room and kitchen and we have our ownlaundry room as well. so obviously, getting to university won'tbe a problem you can gain access to the library, the gym and also all the uni facilities thatare available. however, if you do want to go into town the bus stops outside of unican easily bring you there so that's not a problem either, everything is easily accessiblehere. so yeah, that's the other three types of accommodationyou can live in and so for all the future students best of luck and i hope to see younext year! see ya! >> amber: now i'm going to show you a coupleof options for post graduate students. first, is the student village where post graduatestudents can live in a self-contained studio

flat. the student village accommodates bothunder graduate and post graduates. most live in a shared house however thereare some self-contained studio flats in the student village available for post-graduatestudents. you get your own kitchenette, en-suite bathroom,desk, single bed, wardrobe and shelving. there's also a common room within the post graduateblock. [music/title: okeford house] >>female speaker: i like the fact that we'reall post-graduate students and i guess we have the same interests and we're like theold people of the university. i also like the area, winton and we're also really closeto the uni, it's like 15 minutes on foot.

yeah, it's quite good, i really like it here. [music/title: st john's road] >> amber: st john's raod is a small accommodationblock with just 28 post-grad students, located in boscombe. the accommodation is availablefor post-grad students whose courses have a january start date. there are 12 studio flats and 16 study bedrooms.all of the rooms are fully furnished and each have a communal kitchen which is equippedwith all of the appliances such as, a cooker, fridge freezer, microwave. there is also acommon room and communal garden that you can use to socialise or study in, as well as ashared laundry room.

>> amber: [link to another video] there arelots of other places for nursing students to live to depending on where their placementis. it's best for nursing students to live near their placements because of their shiftpatterns. there�s a separate video all about the accommodation for nursing students, ifyou want to learn more about that. >> amber: here is some general informationabout bu's accommodation. there's a residential welfare advisor in every halls of residencewho is available for support and advice. all the halls either have someone on receptionor staff available as well as cctv. most of the halls at bu have some accessible flatsfor students with specific needs which have wheelchair access and can be set up in differentways. these have en-suite wet rooms and space

for extra equipment, if you need it. there's also a limited amount of accommodationfor families and couples either in the student village or through the bu lettings service. right guys, so that's it for this video. ihope you guys enjoyed this video, sorry it was a long one but i had a lot of places tocover. so, i hope you like it and i will see you next time.[music/blog disclaimer]

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