coffee, laurence? yes please. ermm one sugar or two? oh garroth, you're enough sugar already. "garroth laughs" oh honey bear ugh... your friendship is sickening enough... jealous? hardly. what? haven't you ever joked with aphmau, zane?

of course i have, but not like... whatever that was. that's a lie. it's not! "garroth laughes" zane, what's with those pajamas? what? that's a little weird. "laurence laughes" h-hey, aphmau made these for me! her and aaron were always joking about how i always have to declare she's my best friend when talking about her! she got this for me as a joke!

it's just... "garroth and laurence laugh" a-a-aaron has a set with her chibi face on it too! "garroth and laurence laugh harder" i want a set now. can we change the subject! wha- what could possibly be better then this? "laurence laughs" better? better?! you mean worse! just look at this place!! what about it? this place is a complete wreck! we've only been here for a day!

well yeah, i mean, dante and travis came over last night and we all played video games. we invited you to join. i remember, but how is this place a wreck like this?! well, you see these nachos over here. fun story, aphmau made them before we left the sandwich party yesterday, but no one ate them. so we took them. so it was more like a nacho... sandwich party. oh, and the poopsie! we fought over the last one... it exploded.

and you guys didn't think to clean up?! we were gonna do it eventually, when we unpack. garroth, this isn't acceptable for a romeave. hey, your room was a mess when you were a kid! that's when i was a kid. we are adults now. you still wear that mask like you were a kid. that's because i have freckles- "sighs" never mind, my point still stands! this place is a mess! well we have no furniture.

you can still pick up the trash- arghhh!! "sighs" never mind. you're just going to say something stupid. i understand what you mean, baby brother. and i apologize for such a mess. i didn't realize how much you've grown. but we don't have a trash can. which is a piece of furniture. huh... well you have a point. wasn't expecting something thought halfway through. hey!

fine... if furniture is that important to you guys, then we should go shopping for some. then you won't have an excuse to live in a mess like this. eh, good idea. um, where do we get furniture from? i used to order my furniture online, so i'm not familiar with local stores. well, the place we used to shop at closed down. i'll go over and ask aphmau. she or aaron is bound to know. good idea! in the meantime, we'll clean up. good idea... wow, i'm actually really impressed with you, garroth.

maybe you've grown up after all... so, who's gonna pick up the nachos? paper, rock, sissors you for it. you're on! "opening music" "opening music fades out" go get it, girl! "celeste barks" hmm... what are we gonna eat this on?

mmm... smells good, babe. thanks! it's a secret recipe. making bacon is a secret recipe? the way i make it, it is, yes. "aaron laughs" ok. how'd you sleep last night? i slept... eh... ok i guess. you? i slept... terrible. sleeping bags are a pain.

tell me about it... but were you ok sleeping on the same floor as me? oh yeah, i had no problems. "flashback noise" you ok? yup. i'm ok sleeping next to you. totally fine. you sure? i can sleep downstairs. this is fine. besides, it'll be the same thing when we have a bed. same thing? i mean, that's... gonna be one big bed.

"aphmau wimpers" yup! no problems! but, that reminds me. we need to get furniture. "doorbell rings" i'll get it. aaron. zane. i see you're wearing the shirt aphmau made for you. sounds like garroth and laurence teased you about yours.

i hate them. "aaron laughs" come on in. aph's makin bacon. "zane gasps" with... frosting on the side. "zane squeals like a little girl" i, uh, mean, uh, cool. i kinda figured you'd drop by here after i heard you moved in with, uh... garroth and laurence.

speaking of which, you guys wanna go furniture shopping today? we're looking for a place to buy some. ah hehe, we were just talking about that. oh! i know this one place! come on! let's eat then go! sounds like a plan. seriously? ikea? i've never been here. it's a cool store! the furniture here is decently priced, so while i have my reservations on it, my wallet personally agrees on this choice.

well, let's go in then. hold up, does everyone have a buddy? i'm aaron's buddy! laurence. ugh... this is just like gym class all over again. aw, zane. i can have two buddies. you and aaron. thanks, but why exactly do we need a buddy? it's just a furniture store.

uh... aphmau is afraid of the store. it's not just a furniture store. rumor has it, you can get lost in there forever if you're not careful. that's a dumb rumor. you just have to follow the arrows on the floor. sometimes the arrows aren't there. almost like... they want you to get lost. in the great prices. this is ridiculous, let's just go in. wait, zane!

wow, this sofa is nice! you just like it cause it's brown. now this one over here is beautiful. we already had a blue couch. i can't believe how much stuff i can buy! i know, right? ouu! what color couch do you like, zane? i don't really have a preference.

as long as it serves its purpose as a couch. are you kidding me?! this guy has no sense of style. just make it black. like my soul. like your coffee? same thing. are you guys seriously fighting over a couch? it's a legit concern!

what if we want to host people? why don't we ask a- huh? where's aphmau? not again! again? she gets lost in big places sometimes... but i know where she went. follow me.

uh... i don't see her. what the- i swore she'd be here... she would be... she definitely would be. you guys don't think... she's lost? it's a giant store. let me call her. *tsk* no signal. same. yup. same for me too.

this is terrible! alright, alright, there's no need to panic! we could just walk around. we're bound to find her. what if something gets her?! it's a furniture store, garroth. see, this is the kind of childish behavior i'm talking about, garroth. what in the world could she possibly run into that could pose a threat to her in a furniture store. amazing prices.

really? she'll spend all her money! ok... then she'll... ask you to borrow moneys! you're right... i don't think it's that big of a deal. we have to find her. if she borrows money from him he won't be able to pay rent!

what are we waiting for?! let's find aphmau! *gah* any luck? nothing... laurence! what about laurence? he became consumed! by greed...

my precious.... *laurene goblin laughs* the worst part is, it's all brown furniture!! "cries uncontrollably" oh boo hoo. did he get a trash can at least? yes. then we got what we came for. but now we have to find aphmau.

aaron, did you guys come here for something in particular? as a matter of fact, we did... this way! hey babe... wake up. no mom... just like... 5 more minutes.... but sweetie, it's time for school. i don't like school... no tests... no math... oh look, aaron's shirt fell off.

wha- where?! eh.. haha, uh.. i, uh... i fell asleep. uh huh. i understand. you were tired. slept horribly? yup. i know what you mean. "garroth snoring and mumbling in his sleep" everytime i'm alone with his face, you can just hear his snoring. his horrid. snoring.

in any case, i found this bed! nice. find anything else? i'm glad you asked! come look at this! oh no... oh yes! no! it's september guys! sep. tem. ber. it's not halloween yet! not with that attitude it isn't. maybe we should finish shopping for our own house before we move on to decoration for the holidays?

hehehe mmmm fine, but i'm taking this spider... pumpkin thing. "aphmau sighs" that took forever. yeah but at least we got what we needed. i'm surprised aphmau didn't want to see those babies we saw before. gahh- did you say babies. yeah, there were a ton of them in the playpen area in the store. i... need them.

aphmau no! those babies are not ours! speaking of babies, i need to make a phone call. looks like it's just you and me, baby brother. no! no snoring, please! ahhh!!! zane? what the- hey, come back!

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