20 stunning parquet flooring in the bedroom for sure you have seen many spaces with aparquet flooring but you'd appreciate it more after seeing this. 1. bermondsey wall with treated walls like this one, i thinkwhatever noise the other room has, this room won't hear, and vice versa. stunning bedrooms like this one always deservesa view that this has. i can surely say that this home is prettyawesome to live in.

2. bristol circle there might be minimal contrast on the colorswith this bedroom, but there is even just a little bit that is why it is pretty cool. this bedroom shows us how sophistication canbe seen in minimal details but with the right amount of class; and this is what this bedroomhas. 3. appartement quatre septembre i know that this bedroom has nothing in itexcept the bed and the shelves, but you can

definitely see the awesome pattern done withthe flooring! the light colored parquet floors look reallybeautiful and without much inside this room, you can definitely say that it's the centerof attention in here. 4. holly bush lane this project sure looks wonderful even whenyou think that it's quite simple. looking at the interiors, we see plain wallsand ceiling, but they made sure to pay attention to the flooring and the stuff they actuallyplaced inside here. even when this bedroom looks a bit masculine,adding the slender tub softened the theme

of this space. 5. london scandinavian look at the details on the headboards andon the bed sheet! they're the same, right? i mean, i think the owner of this bedroommight have multiple copies of this bed sheet because they have the same prints on the headboard! i mean, it does not have to be that way allthe time, but it sure would look perfect if this bedroom has matching linens and headboard!

6. penthouse suite what do you think about having parquet flooringand parquet-inspired area rug? pretty much overboard? it's a good thing that they have differentcolors and it seems like a bit of a theme in a way - and if you notice, it's just theflooring that is in brown, so in a way, it actually stands out too! 7. the bradner residence

this bedroom looks incredible! look at how large the bed and the fact thatthis space has almost nothing aside from it and the night stands and the drawers on theside! colors used in here are simple and prettymuch direct to the point - this is one bedroom we should actually aim for! if you notice, there is not even a chair - youcome here and sleep, that's about it. i totally love this one! 8. paris bedroom

this paris bedroom is definitely one stunningbedroom! just from the height of the ceiling, you cantell how large this house is and how expensive it must be to live in this home - which surelooks like a mansion or something of that sort. pretty wonderful! 9. appartement louvre without a doubt and any thought, we all knowthat this bedroom belongs to a woman - definitely because of the color!

okay, there is a slight chance this couldactually belong to a fabulous person into arts and design - still, i think this bedroomlooks incredible and out of this world beautiful! 10. private home wicklow this might be one of the coolest bedroomswe have on this list. it's in an attic obviously but it looks abit more hip than some of the common attic bedrooms we see on magazines of tv. i love the flooring and the skylight and thefact that this space is created for rest and that it has higher ceiling than normal atticstoo!

11. chevron in blonde oak, marylebone i feel like i haven't seen a four poster bedin a while; i meant this in a list kind of way - i have been writing a couple of listsabout bedrooms and i can't quite recall when was the last four poster i have seen. anyway, look at the flooring and just admireits beauty like everyone does! 12. ambler road i was unable to capture the beautiful baseof the pendant light in here; the color is

just fascinating and pretty and the designis just something i would not actually get tired of. it is possible that this bedroom was not intendedto be vintage, but because of the existing feats in it, the designer could have createdit into one - totally amazing bedroom! 13. longchamp street apartment in paris the way the pattern on the flooring was doneis exquisite! because it's a bit darker, the white wallsand the beddings look incredible against it! the decor (i am not quite sure if it's a pendantof just a decorative lantern) on the ceiling

in the middle of the room is quite lovely- perfect for the space, really. 14. rockwell on sunset the color of the parquet flooring in hereis quite amazing for me! notice the contrast on the colors? pretty lovely right? with this flooring and the awesome furniture,i think this bedroom is something worth the stare for this list! 15.

sunset pacifica when i saw this bedroom, i thought to myselfthat this space might belong to a really large home - and well, check out that hallway thatleads outside of the bedroom! it sure looks long and wide, right? anyways, what do you think about large spacesthat practice minimalism? 16. rough hollow master suite it might be just how this photo was actuallytake, and not because it is in fact the color of the lighting in here, but i think thatthis bedroom feels almost too comfortable!

the ambient lighting is just too scary becauseit's quite possible that the owner of this bedroom finds it hard to actually wake upin the morning to actually go to work or something. 17. bermondsey in london if you ask me, yes, this bedroom looks likesomething a decent hotel room would look like - and this is a house, so this could prettymuch be heaven for me, i mean, don't you think so too? pretty stunning place for a bedroom and theaura of this one is just out of this world. 18.

vanadisvã¤gen i have always been a fan of loft-type spacesand this one sure looks like one of them. the overall theme is quite interesting andamusing for me because of the color palette which reminds me of black and white television- this sure is not black and white but could really pass as one! the flooring is definitely a stunning choiceas well as the metallic choices for furniture and decor! 19. solano

the dark floors make the off white furnitureall stand out! if you notice, this entire bedroom is in dirtyor off white and the theme is quite old world - somehow romantic; using the parquet flooringmade the entire thing really come together. 20. peter hassler bedroom this bedroom is one large space to begin withand the use of old generation things make it all work - the old type of heater by thewindow, the relief below the moldings and the parquet flooring, i think this is oneawesome bedroom to brag to your friends! done.

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