hello… welcome back to sheryl tv. today our video about: 3d flooring designsto beautify your home. before we begin.. don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notificationbutton. so you won’t miss the next great videosfrom us! floors are an integral part of the interior,which affects the appearance of the entire room, though, it’s usually noticed by nobody. if you are a big fan of optical illusions,we suggest you to decorate your home with

3d floors. due to the special 3d technology, we havethe illusion of three-dimensionality of a picture that is created when you look at thefloor, at some angle. besides the amazing look, 3d floors have thefollowing advantages: they are smooth and resistant to mechanical loads. moreover, these floors are hygienic and canprevent mold to growth in damp areas. well if you are planning for decorating orrenovating your house, then you must be looking for some great flooring ideas. flooring designs and the design of tiles mattersa lot while decorating the house.

colorful and beautiful flooring designs makesour house look attractive and catches eyes of the onlookers. checkout the video of beautiful 3d flooringdesigns ideas and get inspired. 1. customized 3d flooring. using tile graphics, you can easily convertyour room interiors look like the buckingham palace or a dungeon for beasts! when you look at the right places, you willcome across 3d flooring that can be representative of a variety of environments.

2. ocean theme flooring. in this case, the ocean theme flooring isthe plain smooth floor with an exceptional 3d artwork. this could always be an interesting additionto any room and making your home dã©cor different than the usual. 3. 3d cube floor design. 3d floor tiles also allow you to experimentwith patterns and a range of geometrical shapes.

in this case, we get to see a lot of neatlyarranged cubes that look like glass boxes for the floor. using the right kind o lights and a strategicinstallation, you can always add an extra dimension to your room space. 4. beach themed 3d floor tile. always dream of escaping to the beach? well, you can always remind yourself and otheraround you of how beautiful a beach it by actually recreating it on the floor and walls.

using 3d printed floor and wall tiles, youcan create the illusion of living in a beach. if you have watched and loved truman show,this would be the smaller version of it! 5. 3d rustic floor design. if wooden floorboards aren’t something thatyou can hope to invest in or maintain, creating the illusion is the next best thing. while the rest of the dã©cor here alreadyincorporates rustic element, the floor space is taken care of by 3d tiles that imitatethe texture and pattern of wooden floorboards. 6.

3d wood floor tiles. 3d floors don’t necessarily need to presentthe illusion of a real space. as in this case, the pattern on the tilesis representative of a unique environment – a midway between traditional dã©cor andthe modern. the smooth rows of 3d tiles look really calmto the eyes an can easily be a stress reliever. 7. 3d glass floor tile. floor tiles can also easily represent glassfloors. highly polished and reflective, it’s easyto create the illusion of walking on glass

while it is actually solid tiling you areat. 8. kitchen 3d floor tiles. as with others, you can also add another setof personality to the kitchen space by using 3d kitchen flooring. it can be something very decent and soberas shown in this example or represent a water floor for those who are up for the idea! 9. vinyl 3d flooring idea.

3d tiles can also be representative of a vinylfinish. the only thing is that you are spending lessthan half the amount you would have done on real vinyl! 10. bathroom floor 3d art. now, who doesn’t have fantasies in the bathroom! this is perhaps the perfect place to imagineyourself in a different part of the globe. so, be it! 3d tiling is again the answer.

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