between work, school and sports, kim, elyand their 3 kids have busy, active lives. so when they relax together it's movie time.spending quality time in their living room inspired them to tackle a living room makeover.and designing spaces wanted to find out why. we spend alot of time in the living room sowe just wanted to add a little more warmth to that room. adding beauty and warmth toany room in your home can be a formidable task. but creating a beautiful and attractiveliving environment that actually matches your lifestyle, with dogs or kids, is even morechallenging. we wanted something softer. wanted the real look of wood. we wanted to combinethat with carpet so change the room and see if we could do something more warm and softand beautiful. at designing spaces we love

to help steer homeowners through their exciting,yet daunting journey of planning, implementing, and living through an in-house makeover. toaddress kim's flooring concerns we joined forces with interior designer, tracy daves,to gain more insight into contemporary floor options. changing the flooring has a majorimpact on your room. i like to call it designing from the ground up. flooring really does changethe tone and the feel of the room. and with todays endless opportunities you have so manydifferent styles to choose from. you can get different flooring catogories, different styles,patterns, colors or textures. so it really is possible for your family to have a beautifulfloor that's also functional for their needs. a color matching mobile friendly app, calledfloor vonna makes it easy to match your color

and style with the perfect flooring. the onlineapp made it so easy for us to match colors for our room. it was it was super user decided to go with durable, resilient, vinyl flooring that has the realistic look,texture, and style of natural hardwood. luxury vinyl flooring is very popular, and it's growingat an incredible rate, and for very good reason. luxury vinyl flooring is super durable butit's also very resilient. it's waterproof and it's resistant to stain, and it's resistantto mildew. so it's great for wet areas, your kitchens, your bath, your laundry rooms, andyour basements. and it looks beautiful in hardwood tones or in tile looks, that aresleek or modern. and the best thing is is it's affordable. we decided on this becauseit was so easy to clean and this would be

a great option for us. especially to haveit so that it was just easy to take care of. shaws resilient, luxury vinyl flooring hasthe look and feel of real hardwood. it's durable and waterproof, even at the seams. plus it'seasy to install. musicthere are many advantages to installing luxury vinyl flooring. it has precision engineeredfold-in lock-in system, which makes installation easy. and it can go directly over the's super flexible so it helps to conceal all of those imperfections underneath. justlike with ceramic tile it can go over it and not show the tile grout lines. and it transitionsseamlessly to other flooring products. we were a little concerned about how the flooringwas going to transition into the hallway,

but it came out beautiful. jim decided togo with the popular trend of combining the natural look of hardwood flooring with a customdesigned rug. we love the look of the carpet, the design, the color. it just adds so muchwarmth to the room. it's cozy. we really love it. people are choosing our custom cut-a-rugprogram for their homes. combining flooring with area rugs is a great way to add versatility,to add style, to add warmth, and to add comfort. it really adds a focul point to the room whenyou add a cut-a-rug area rug. you can choose colors and style and pattern to really setyour style for the rug that you like. it's a wonderful addition because it's affordableand it's an easy way to change the look and feel of the room. the entire life happenscarpet collection from shaw stands up to kids,

pets, and just about anything else. it's stainresistant and has a waterproof backing for extra protection. spills are no problem. andthere are no surprises left under the rug. i was really impressed. it looks beautiful.i'm very happy with the result of the room. beautiful. an amazing makeover accomplishedall in one day. simple solutions can provide alot more than enhanced beauty and warmth.they can help create an easier, more comfortable environment to match your busy explore more flooring design options, go to for more information orto view this story again, visit you can visit these websites to learn moreabout the participants on this edition of designing spaces.

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