hi everyone! today, i wanna talk about why i prefer to sleep on the floor. the first reason i prefer to sleep on the floor is that normal mattresses can impede our circulation and make it difficult for our body to realign during sleep. normal mattresses don't offer as much resistance as the floor does. if you can imagine as you're sleeping the weight of your body and gravity is pushing down towards whatever surface you're sleeping on. and you do want some resistance, something pushing back, so that your body can align. when you sleep on the floor you're actually sleeping on your bones and your bones are supporting the full weight of your body. as opposed to something like soft tissue or blood vessels which were not designed for that.

when you're relying on your soft tissue instead of your bones to support the weight, your body can sag into all kinds of positions and shapes. and i'm not just talking about your spine, all the joints in your body can become unsupported and sag into shapes they really shouldn't be in. your bones are designed to support your weight, and when you're sleeping on your bones everything's much more in line. your blood vessels are in line and your circulation is better. this has certainly proven true for me. i already don't have a perfect back. i was born with scoliosis, which means my spine is slightly curved in an "s" shape so i've had minor back pain my entire life. but since sleeping on the floor for the past two years, it's pretty much gone away and i wake up feeling great! in fact if i'm on vacation and i'm sleeping in guest bedrooms or hotels,

i always notice it and i find after several days or weeks that i really crave just sleeping on the floor. alright the second reason i prefer sleeping on the floor is that i find it to be more hygienic now mattresses are commonly known to have lots of toxins. and yes you can avoid that by finding an organic mattress, but those are also very expensive. and what i like about sleeping on a futon, or a japanese shikibuton, is that i can air them out whenever i want. i can put them out in the sun as well. futons are so lightweight and easy to move that i put my futon out over my balcony once a week to get fresh air and sun. and that's something

that would be really hard to do with a mattress. so you can find over years that mattress is actually get heavier and heavier because of the bacteria that they're growing inside of them. and it's not just that they're easy to put out in the sun and get fresh air, but they're also easy to replace. maybe you spend less money on a futon and you can replace it more often than you would a mattress. in japan traditionally futons are made of 100% cotton and that is definitely what i would recommend. one, because it's the most comfortable and two, cotton is a lot less likely to grow bacteria than artificial fabrics like polyester and

it's just nice to know that you're sleeping on something natural rather than something more like plastic. the third reason i prefer sleeping on the floor is that futons, or even just blankets if that's what you're using, are so easy to fold up and put them away. that makes them extremely versatile and you can use your bedroom for a completely different space during the day. you don't need to have a guest bedroom because any space in your house can become a guest bedroom. just by putting out some futons. they're easy to fold up, they're easy to move, and they save a lot of space. you will want to think about where you would store your futon when you're not sleeping on it. some people just fold it up and put it on the side of their room.

we like to keep ours in the closet so it's out of sight. and the nice thing about that is when you take them out of the closet in the evening the whole bottom of your closet is completely empty. so it's wonderful negative space that you don't usually see in closets and it also makes it very easy to clean. in closin, you don't need to go out and buy a futon just to experience the benefits of sleeping on the floor. and when i first discovered all of this i was living in australia. we were renting a room and the mattress in that room was extremely uncomfortable. and i was waking up with worse back pain than i ever had. so kind of out of desperation

i just started sleeping on the floor which was carpeted with some blankets and found that it completely went away. since moving to japan though we have exclusively slept on futons. and i do prefer them because they offer that little bit of cushion while still allowing your body to rest on your bones. i have received a lot of comments on my videos from people who have seen the house tour and see that we sleep on futons and they're wondering, "where did you buy that?" where did you find that?" of course if you're living in japan it's very easy to source futons. but perhaps if you're outside of japan, in another country, it's not so common.

i have done a little research on this as we hope to be moving to the u.s. at some point and we don't know if we should bring futons from japan, which could be very expensive, or try to buy some in the united states. and i found that there's probably two or three websites out there do sell futons in the u.s. one of the companies in particular stood out to me because it was the only one where the futons were made in japan. so they were made in a traditional factory, from 100% cotton, in the traditional way, and they ship them out worldwide it's important for me that things are 100% natural and authentic, so that's the company i plan to purchase

futons from when i'm living in the u.s. and i'll leave a link for them down in the description. if you have any questions about the general care or maintenance of futons or shikibutons or anything in that category, feel free to leave a comment down below. thanks for watching, and i'll see you in the next video

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